the boss

Come late October we are two years home from our year out travelling as a family. We are managing in the main as we promised we would do to not let those unimportant things creep in and dominate our lives or drain our positive vibes. 

Lots of positive changes and new plans were made during our year out, and I am sure it is the same for everyone but It does often feel like a constant battle for balance with my switch always in the ON position. I never seem to download, only receive!

Being a freelancer doesn’t help. I have been super busy since we got back which of course everyone says is good and it is but when you are a mother, (and you home school) a wife and an Artist; priorities change, they have to but which one gets how much attention and when? 

I have come to realise I am pretty skilled at splitting my brain into many compartments and that I work a lot out inside my own head - creatively and personally. I also spend a lot of time fantasising about how it would be to be able to just focus on one thing at any one time. Oh the luxury!

A recent post show discussion at the Traverse in Edinburgh geared towards parents working in the Arts with caring responsibilities was super interesting. It felt very valuable to hook up and talk with other parents with young families in similar situations who know and understand how you feel.
Orla O’loughlan who is the current Artistic Director at the Traverse imparted some interesting and telling wisdom  - for her to be able to be a mother, run a home and do the job she does at the Traverse (amongst other things) - she knew she had to get herself to being the boss.

Twenty years in, predominantly as a freelancer within the Arts - I am exhausted by the perpetual juggling, spinning of plates and running about daft like a bam.

I want to go slower.


I now declare myself the boss!

Watch this space : )