Control 25 - Liverpool's First one on one Festival

It was recently brought to my attention that the wonderful Control 25 Festival features in a chapter within this brilliant book; ‘Experiencing Liveness in Contemporary Performance: Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ published by Rutledge.
Control 25 was Liverpool’s first one on one Festival and posed the question; who’s in charge - spectator, artist or artform within one on one performance?
In 2014, Curators of Control 25, Sarah Hogarth and Emma Bramley of All things considered Theatre Company worked with EAP students at Hope Street Liverpool to create 25 individual one on one pieces of work for the Festival. These works would examine the nature of authorial control within the artform.
They also brought in experienced Artists (Seth Honnor, Ant Hampton and myself) in this form to design and deliver workshops in our practices for the students to inspire and help kick off the creation of their one on one works. Control 25 was a very special thing to be a part of and culminated in an exciting panel discussion that we were all involved in too.

If you are interested in the research and study of one on one, micro and intimate performance, the Control 25 Festival Chapter will be of particular interest.