Headshots - Photography by Pip

2009 was the last time i had some professional headshots done, very uncool of me but it hasn't felt all that important. 

Working with people you know and who know you well and how you like to work has it’s benefits and provides a shorthand that makes things faster and easier for sure but it has it’s downside too. 

I wanted to work with someone completely unknown to me for my new headshots so after a good bit of research and some recommendations i decided to pick Photography by Pip

Pip is a self-taught London based photographer and director from Northern England specialising in portraiture, travel and advertising. Given my mad love for music I love that he photographs a lot for record labels and musicians and that he isn't really an Actor headshot photographer. His personal, commercial and film work is really lovely too.

Pip prefers to shoot in natural light and often site specific. Perfect. We spent a few hours early one morning outside in London recently and I’m really happy with the shots. I laughed such a lot on the day and the light was epic.